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Angle& Channel

We’re the leading manufacturers of M.S. Angle & Channel of various size ranging from:

Brand DATA
Width 35 mm to 75 mm
thickness 4mm to 10 mm

We make Angle & Channels from Tested Ingot and Billets. We have well equipped testing lab for testing physical and chemical properties of raw and finished goods. Striving for ‘Quality at its best’ we care for in our overall production processes.

We manufacture high quality MS angles and channels for the construction industry that are very strong and durable. We are suppliers of top grade structural steel components of every shape and size that are suitable for every user needs and specifications.

Our structural products are used in a variety of applications in buildings such as support for beams, roofs, pillars, walls, etc., which requires precision cut angles and easy welding with attached components like bars, pipes and tubes that make up the complete structure. Our angles and channels are a dependable components in the building of factories, industrial sheds and large structures.

We use quality raw materials such as ingots and billets that are sourced from reputed suppliers and are processed in state of the art hot rolling facilities and shaped with precision with automated tools. We have the best quality controls and each product is tested for its physical and chemical properties. We manufacture and supply angles and channels in different sizes with a width range of 35 mm to 75 mm and thickness range of 4 mm to 10 mm.

We supply angles and channels that are priced competitively and are considered the best in the industry. Our products are non-corrosive, long lasting, versatile, refined to be free of impurities, has superior welding character because of low carbon and highly pure steel raw materials that we choose.