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Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB)

PRE-ENGINEERED BUILDINGS (PEB) Building Components are Pre-Planned as per project’s requirement, then Engineered & Fabricated/Produced at Factory’s workshop & later assembled at the Construction Site!

Know Well To Decide Well About PEB vs. CONVENTIONAL

> AVERAGE DELIVERY TIME - For PEB, it takes 6 to 8 Weeks & for Conventional, it takes 20 to 26 Weeks

> Pre-Assessment or ERECTION TIME & COST - For PEB, it’s +90% Accurate & for Conventional there’s +/- 30% Variation, being 20% more costly than PEB

> ERECTION PROCESS - For PEB, it’s Easy & Fast, done Step-By-Step, but for Conventional, it’s Complex & Slow being more Labour Intensive


  • 1. The steel has high strength having resistance to bear high loads.
  • 2. The steel being compact in size can be conveniently handled and transported.
  • 3. The pre-fabricated steel components facilitate ease of handling and erection.
  • 4. The steel components can be readily disassembled or replaced.
  • 5. The steel structures may be inspected quickly and conveniently.
  • 6. This material may be reprocessed/recycled in furnaces.
  • 7. Steel possesses high ductility, suitable for earthquake resistance structures.

Benefits of Pre-Engineered Warehouses

  • 1. Design time is significantly reduced
  • 2. Savings in manufacturing and site erection cost
  • 3. Easily flexible for future expansion
  • 4. Upto 90 mtr. large and clear spans possible
  • 5. Long durability and low maintenance costs
  • 6. Energy efficient roof and wall systems
  • 7. Full building package can be sourced from a single vendor