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MAHAWAR’s Binding Wires are best known for high quality, having multiple uses for tying applications in the field of construction and other industry segments. So as to keep the structure intact, the rebars are tied-up at the joints. These are wires made of mild quality steel, adding flexibility and softness to its properties. We provide both MS and GI wire.

Easily available 18 G to 20 G

Net Packing weight is of 25 Kg per bundle

Binding wires are an essential component of construction industry and Mahawar group is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of excellent quality binding wires in India. We supply mild steel and GI binding wires for major builders in the residential and commercial segments.

Our wires are used to tie up joints of reinforcing iron and steel rods to the structures and hold them together to avoid realignment during the construction process. We use latest manufacturing technologies and select ultra pure carbon steel raw materials for top class binding wires that are exceptionally strong, rust proof and long lasting.

We supply biding wires that are meant to enforce the angles and directions of the rebars and lappard bars in position while a mixture of concrete in being poured on to the joints, pillars, beams, floors, etc. The steel binding wires we produce ensures orientation of the rods tied together while workers keep moving and walking on top of them.

The biding wires we make are best suited for tying applications in construction and other industries that requires high quality steel which are flexible and soft. We supply MS and GI wires in the range of 18G to 20G thickness, with a net packaging weight of 25kg per bundle.