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Elements of construction engineering include Structural Bars which describe various MS Steel products such as Angles, Channels and Beams. These give shape and strength to the built as buildings, bridges or transmission line towers (TLT) and even industrial sheds/structures. At Mahawar Group, you can get customized products depending on its application/usage.

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Brand SAIL/RINL/Jindal etc.
H-Beams 100 mm to 500 mm

We are manufacturers and suppliers of top quality beams and joists in India, that forms part of an important component in building strong roofing, floors and walls of large industrial structures. Our products are made of high grade steel materials that forms the basis of any building.

Our beams and joists are used to build factories, industrial sheds, mezzanine floors, godowns, bridges, transmission towers that requires high calibre steel which are durable and sturdy. We supply to various industries, agricultural uses, automobile, power, oil and gas, construction, railways, shipyards and other critical infrastructure projects being built across the country.

Our beams are the main load bearing component used to support roofs which cover a large area underneath. Our top grade joists forms part of the horizontal layer which rests on the beams as part of the skeletal structure. Our beams and joists have excellent absorption of the roof weight and evenly transfers the pressure to the foundation through the pillars and columns thus making the building stable and safe.

The steel beams and joists we supply are made from select high tensile steel of the purest quality that are hot/cold rolled using advanced processing technology to make it resistant to corrosion and fire. We supply beams and joists of reputed brands like SAIL, RINL, Jindal, etc., and are available in different sizes ranging from 100mm up to 500mm.