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We deliver best quality of Turbo-Fan Ventilator, used/fitted upon the top of shed. We make fan of 2 mm pure S.S. with Poly-sheet base, which provides proper ventilation.

Mahawar Group is a major supplier of Turbo Fan ventilators for large industrial applications in the country. Made of the very best stainless steel material the fans are widely used in large structures.

Our turbo fans are ideally suited for use as exhaust fans in factories, railway stations, storage sheds, warehouses and similar spaces which needs and efficient way to remove the hot air from inside the premises and avoid overheating. Our large slow rotating fans is effective in removing foul smell and accumulation of moisture. Our turbo fan ventilators helps increase in productivity of workers in a factory, keeps the inside well ventilated in storage applications.

Our turbo fans are manufactured with modern technology using specially designed fan blades that maximise their rotation using naturally available wind that helps in removing the air inside the buildings. Our turbo fans are installed on top of the structure for maximum benefit. We supply turbo fans with a poly sheet base that can be fixed to the roof easily.

We have a large production facility for the making of turbo fan ventilators using pure SS of 2mm thickness. Our turbo fans don’t require separate power to operate because they are designed to rotate on wind from the atmosphere. We maintain enough stocks and supply turbo fans across India.