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At Mahawar Group, the HR Plates or Hot-rolled steel plates are readily available with scaly surface, slightly rounded edges, having non-oily corners along with its surface. But the CR Plates or Cold-Rolled steel plates are having oily or greasy finish, has very smooth surface with very sharp edges. Another factor to consider while deciding, which one to choose or buy is that the hot rolled steel is rolled at an extremely hot temperature, which allows it to be easily shaped and formed. These plates are used in various kinds of units as Pump Shafts, Machined Components, Valves, Dairy Equipment’s, Fasteners, Machine Tools, Studs, Bolts, Pins, Hinges, Handles, Surgical & Medical Parts, Threaded Bars, etc. Our plates are also having extensive use in Automobile Industry.

Easily available 1mm to 32 mm

We are manufacturers and suppliers of the finest HR and CR steel sheets in India. Our sheets are used in a variety of industrial and commercial products of leading companies in sectors ranging from automobiles to retail, in heavy engineering components and every day domestic appliances.

The HR sheets we produce are very strong with scaly surface, round edges with non oily corners which are used in the making of tougher Machinery Components, Valves, Fasteners, Pump Shafts, Machine Tools, Nuts & Bolts, Hinges, etc that require hardened material. We use latest production methods for hot rolling process which requires extreme hot temperatures that defines our product characteristics.

Our CR sheets goes through a combined process of cold rolling in ideal temperatures to give a smooth finish, shiny surface and sharp edges that can be used to make automobile parts, washing machines, mixers, fridge cabinets, vessels and utensils, etc., items that require even surface and easily to shape.

Our HR and Cr sheets are made of top grade raw materials that goes through advanced processing technologies at our world class manufacturing unit that are made available in custom sizes of 1 mm and up to 32 mm thickness suitable for every requirement. These are well stocked and readily shipped across the country.