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We manufacture, supply & export a wide range of C&Z Purlins in both MS and GI. Due to Its extraordinary shapes, it increases its strength and load bearing capacity. Considering Engineering/Architect’s recommendations, best to use Z Purlins which results cost saving upto 50% in structural steel, as compared to traditional steel sections as Angle / Channel / Beams or hollow sections like Round Pipes / SHS / RSH. We facilitate this in customized lengths, that helps you a lot having no need of any fabrication, cutting or welding on the site. So, there’s no wastage of material or any extra fabrication cost.

Easily available

Width 150 mm to 300 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm to 3 mm

We specialize in the manufacture of C and Z purlins in India which are widely used by construction companies across the country. The purlins are made of excellent quality MS and GI materials which are used to support heavy duty wall and roof joints in large industrial structures. Our steel purlins are used in major structural applications, are durable, long- lasting and are corrosion resistant and can withstand extreme load bearing capabilities.

Our C and Z Purlins are manufactured with premium raw materials of high tensile steel substrate and are hot dipped and coated with zinc, which are roll formed in state of the art production facilities. We adhere to rigorous quality control process to ensure high precision purlins using cutting edge machineries and testing tools.

Our purlins are highly efficient in roof and wall girts to create a strong skeletal structure. The Z purlins are used in the roofing which provides exceptional support by relaying the force evenly through the columns and beams to the base. Our C purlins are used to support the walls and floors of the frame which are fixed along the eaves of the structure.

We supply C and Z purlins in user specific lengths that can be used without the need for fabrication at site thus avoiding further costs and wastages. With our C and Z purlins the cost of creating a structure is reduced considerably as an alternative to traditional steel or hollow sections like angles, channels, hollow pipes, etc.